How to Name a Business

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How to Name a Business

Naming a Business

You reach the proverbial Eureka Moment when inspiration for the perfect business idea takes hold. Evolving from a random conversation or a back-of-the-napkin brainstorming session, your concept provides an innovative product or service or a new twist on a solution already in the marketplace. And you have meticulous research and a clear plan for growth. Ready to capitalize on this opportunity, all you lack is the perfect business name for your new venture. So, how to name a business that makes an impact? Selecting a great business name involves choosing a name that helps customers clearly identify your offering and providing a platform to build a strong brand.

  • LengthTry to limit name length to fewer than 14 characters — ideally 8 characters or less, if possible. Shorter names are more effective than longer ones and highly coveted as domains. Requiring your customers to remember and type a long name is not smart.

  • SpellingAvoid names with alternate spellings or common spelling mistakes to minimize confusion and hassle in locating your business name online.

  • PronunciationNames that are easy to pronounce are generally easier to remember. Be mindful of consonant and vowel patterns and the potential for mispronunciation.

  • LegalAvoid business names that conflict with existing trademarks or have intellectual property conflicts.

  • Top Level Domain (TLD)While choices are now plentiful for extensions, .COM is universally recognized for commercial sites. Finding out how to name a business using names meeting the above criteria can be a daunting task. Accelerate your search for how to name a business by using BrandStarters to generate a list of a viable brands.

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