Brand Names and SEO?

To have your content posted on the first page of Google can be an uphill task but an ultimate dream come true for marketers. Optimization of your SEO can be harder than you think if you don’t know what you’re getting into.

To have a great SEO word search combination means you get more viewers on your site. However, most marketers make the same mistakes when it comes to brand names. They go for the keywords that are too popular and common. Using phrases that are way too competitive and bring up a lot of results when searched. Going for names of places and activities as their brand name without any added creativity kills their optimization chances. Therefore if you’re offering karate classes in New York, and call your business “Karate in New York” then you’re in for a bad surprise.

Which Brand Names Works The Best For SEO?

If there’s one thing that does work when dealing with brand names in terms of SEO optimization it’s these common names. Using the same brand name as a number of your competitors isn’t going to help you stand out. The Internet has over one billion active websites, which the number growing ever so frequently, so unless you have something unique about your brand; you’ll most likely get lost in the crowd. Chances of you ending up on the front page of Google will be very slim. Your business name idea has to be unique to stand out!

Take for an example  “Karate in New York” and search for it on Google. The number of results you’ll get will astound you. Just because of one too many common words in the brand name.

They might seem like a good idea at first, but that’s only at face value without research. It’s safe to say that these generic names bring in more loss than profits for your marketing. Using common names that already have an association in our heads may not necessarily be a good thing. Not everyone might have a good association with these words and frankly if its common a hundred more sites have thought of it, and you want to be smarter than your competitors.

The biggest favor you could do your brand and marketing strategy is to avoid the common names and phrases. Differentiation is the name of the game. What do you have to offer that is different from your competitors? What makes you unique? What group of people are you targeting? When you consider these factors when creating your brand name, these are SEO factors you should consider.

The Best Brand Names?

The best brand names are the ones that can be identified on their own. Take our “Karate New York” for instance, brands like Kwon and Tokaido are unique and conjure up the image of martial arts. They are also linked to various types of martial arts moves and their meanings are linked to defense in Asian languages.

To get it just right when it comes to SEO marketing, you need a lot of research and consideration. Using an SEO word search optimization website isn’t so bad either.  Creating a positive awareness for a brand may take time and effort, but the end result will be your brand name being in a respectable space on Google.

Curve out your corner of the Internet by getting an original unique name that beats “Karate New York” and gets on the same page space as Kwon. Then soon enough you’ll be able to create a positive culture and right marketing around your brand. You’ll be better off without a generic name that’s for sure.

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