Common Ways Your Website Is Leaking Cash

Your website is a cash magnet. It is the core to the success of your business both online and physically. Most business owners put up good sites, investing the right amounts of money, and miss on utilizing them to their full potential. There are many ways your website would be giving you revenue if only it would get the attention it needs. Having traffic alone is not enough to gauge the success of your website. The success of your online presence is determined by both the traffic and the conversion rate. So, which factors do you need to put in place to avoid losing customers that would have cashed and make sure every visit counts?


1) The Design

The cash traps on your site start straight from the first step, the design. What is the ease of navigating through the website? Does the customer understand the main aim of the site once they land on the homepage or does it look confusing? To optimize on the prospects of cashing in on every visit, the site needs to guide the customers. The homepage should reflect the purpose of the website and the links to the other pages should be clearly visible. If you are running an online store, the navigation path to products should be on the forefront.


You should also make sure that the purpose of the website is written clearly with a pronounced call to action. If you want people to give a call once they reach your site, let them know they need to call and the number to call should be available. Some customers will not bother to check the Contact Information section but would have called if they found a number on the landing page.


2) Response to Statistics

For you to know how the site is performing you need statistics. The optimum cash leakages on your site can only be closed down by the use of statistics. You need to install google analytics on the site and continuously check the performance of the site.


– Check the number of visitors per day

– Check the location of your visitor

– Check the conversion rate

– Check the bounce rate


The bounce rate will help you understand the number of customers that leave your site without exploring. When you have a high bounce rate, this is the time to ask the critical questions. It might be a simple case of navigation that puts most customers off. To enhance your site’s performance and close the loopholes, you must closely analyze the statistics and implement changes. While a high conversion rate is good, it might also be an indication of low traffic. Statistics will help you determine which pages are performing well and which are not.


3) Poor Content

Your site will continue leaking cash for as long as you do not invest in serious content. What is the quality of the videos and audios on your pages? If you need people to take you seriously, you need to offer quality content. The days of text websites are gone. Your website’s content needs to be regularly updated in the form of text, video audio, and image. The content should be up to date. A site with outdated information is less likely receive return visits. You need to utilize SEO optimization to capture the clients from the right sources.


4) Promotional Strategy

How do people get to know about your site? A poor promotional strategy is the most likely cause of a low conversion rate. The people who visit your site imedeately realize it is not what they are looking for and get off. Get the promotional strategy to target people who are most likely to purchase once they get to your site. You may also be promoting the site too much but getting no traffic. If you are using money for promotion without results, you have to change the tactics.


The bottom line is that your site has much potential than it gives. If you are going to close all the cash leakage loopholes, you will need to put more attention to details. Doing all these stuff may be technical and getting some help is always advised. You can contact a reputable website designer or an SEO specialist to boost your site’s performance. You could also outsource such services from virtual assistants. Just make sure you are mining the gold on your site.

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