What Words Not to Use in Business or Brand Name

When it comes to starting a company, choosing a name is a very crucial step. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it may seem. A great business name is not only unique but also easy to remember. It should also propel your business into the future. Here are the kind of words that you should not use business name.

4 Tips What Words Not To Use In Business Name

1. Avoid similar sounding names

Choosing a name that’s similar to what’s already in the market may seem good but why spend your advertising cash trying to differentiate your business from another business? When picking a business name, do not be afraid of coming up with a unique name that will stand out.

2. Steer clear of acronyms and initials

When choosing a company’s name, the first thing we aim at is to pass the message. Ideally, your name should clearly say what your offer. Initials and acronyms may not make sense to potential customers. Steer clear of them and instead pick a name that clearly says what you offer.

3. Don’t be specific

One of the most challenging things about naming a company is that it comes at the initial stages. When you are starting out, you may not clearly know who your customer will be or what you will focus on. It’s, therefore, important to avoid ultra specific names that are connected to a specific service or product. What if you want to change the service in future?

4. Avoid using your own name

While you may not be planning to sell or give out your business to someone else, it happens on a daily basis. People start business, make it successful and then start looking for interested buyers. One of the things that a buyer looks at is the brand quality. If you have used your own name then the brand quality of the business will go with you. This means your company will not be valuable to the new owner.


Well, these are the kind of words that you should not include when you thinking about business name ideas. When naming your business, get creative and choose something that will give you a unique and distinct brand.

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