Apparel Business Name Ideas List

Your clothes store brand marketing depends upon how creative and cool your brand name is, and this is a reason why it’s crucial for you to choose a creative business name for your apparel, women’s clothing line, jacket, or t-shirt business. It will not only portray you as a top fashion designer company to your audience but will also increase your popularity in attracting more customers to your garments shop. For your clothing line, you have to come up with a name and logo idea that’s unexpected and makes you stand apart from other famous apparel companies.

You’ve been thinking about starting your own business for a while now, but you just don’t know what to do. Well, worry not! We have compiled the best tips and tricks of how businesses are named in order to help get started on finding that perfect name. Our naming experts have prepared firm name suggestions for you. The following list should get any aspiring entrepreneur off their feet.

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If you’re looking for clothing line brand name ideas, use these tips to come up with a great one!

  1. Think about what your company represents. If it’s all about quality and luxury items like Gucci or Chanel then the best option is usually an Italian word that starts with “G” such as Giorgio Armani. This will give customers reassurance of the high standards they can expect from your products.
  2. Consider how many letters are in your desired word – if there are too many, try abbreviating it; for example ‘Chanel’ could be shortened down to just ‘C’. For a more modern feel try using initials instead (for instance), Celine would become ‘CE’. It is also important to note that if you plan on selling internationally, the name will need to be translated into other languages.
  3. Take inspiration from your surroundings. For example ‘LOOP – London Outfitters’ is a clothing line based around London’s vibrant streetwear culture and local talent.

A few examples of great clothing brands are:

  • Giorgio Armani
  • Chanel
  • Celine
  • Nike

How a great apparel business name should sound?

A clothing line brand name needs to be catchy and easy to remember. Consider your target market: a rock band’s apparel business may have a completely different feel than an eco-friendly children’s clothing company. As well, consider the sound of words when they are spoken aloud – does it flow? Is there any awkwardness in pronunciation? An important consideration is also whether or not you need copyright protection for your chosen word; if you do this will vary by country but generally speaking “trademarks” are used as identifiers outside of advertising whereas “copyrights” protect creative works from theft within marketing materials. If neither apply, choose whatever feels best! Finally, keep in mind that while coming up with unique names can take time, it’s worth the effort. A strong brand name is often one of a company’s most valuable assets and can be used to establish an identity in customers’ minds as well as allowing for easier customer recall so they will come back again and refer others who have never shopped with you before.

Exotic Clothing Line Names

  • Elegant Baby Clothing
  • Mature Dancewear
  • Helpful Clothing Co.
  • Harmonious Swimwear
  • Charming Baby
  • Relaxed Zipper
  • Intentional Baby Clothing
  • Professional Style
  • Traditional Chic
  • Innovative Outfitter
  • Warm Shirt
  • Genuine Boutique
  • Fearless Swimwear
  • Joyful Boutique
  • Inclusive Shirt
  • Urban Jeans
  • Down to Earth Swimwear
  • Quirky Leather
  • Elegant Children’s Apparel
  • Down to Earth Dancewear
  • Trustworthy Swimwear
  • Quirky Pants
  • Heartfelt Outfitter
  • Timeless Style
  • Ambitious Fashion
  • Positive Children’s Apparel
  • Joyful Dancewear
  • Inspirational Chic
  • Magical Swimwear
  • Delicate Leather
  • Magical Outfitter
  • Trustworthy Baby Clothing
  • Witty Pants
  • Whimsical Style
  • Fun Leather
  • Carefree Clothing
  • Inspirational Shirt
  • Fun Baby
  • Down to Earth Pants
  • Fun Swimwear
  • Brave Dancewear
  • Positive Dancewear
  • Inviting Outfitter
  • Candid Fashion
  • Bubbly Baby
  • Joyful Baby
  • Bold Chic
  • Bold Children’s Apparel
  • Bohemian Boutique
  • Warm Apparel
  • Trendy Baby Clothing
  • Fearless Children’s Apparel
  • Edgy Pants
  • Colorful Style
  • Transparent Children’s Apparel
  • Romantic Baby
  • Transparent Boutique
  • Down to Earth Outfitter
  • Sassy Chic
  • Quirky Jeans
  • Down to Earth Style
  • Quirky Outfitter
  • Cultured Baby
  • Professional Dancewear
  • Urban Chic
  • Serious Fashion
  • Trustworthy Pants
  • Candid Chic
  • Natural Jeans
  • Relaxed Leather
  • Inspirational Clothing
  • Wild Dancewear
  • Calm Fashion
  • Cozy Chic
  • Timeless Shirt
  • Magical Jeans
  • Whimsical Leather
  • Traditional Clothing
  • High-end Clothing
  • Colorful Clothing

Unique Clothing Brand Names

  • Quirky Children’s Apparel
  • Adventurous Baby Clothing
  • Carefree Chic
  • Cultured Outfitter
  • Magical Apparel
  • Crafty Leather
  • Bright Pants
  • Serious Pants
  • Romantic Clothing
  • Loyal Swimwear
  • Genuine Apparel
  • Traditional Pants
  • Sassy Baby
  • Genuine Clothing
  • Cool Clothing Vault
  • Inspirational Fashion
  • Relaxed Baby
  • Youthful Swimwear
  • Carefree Boutique
  • Brave Shirt
  • Industrial Clothing Vault
  • Bohemian Baby
  • Ambitious Swimwear
  • Kind Children’s Apparel
  • Luxurious Shirt
  • Genuine Style
  • Witty Fashion
  • Quirky Dancewear
  • Innovative Clothing Co.
  • Calm Zipper
  • Heartfelt Dancewear
  • Modern Baby Clothing
  • Transparent Apparel
  • Transparent Zipper
  • Colorful Shirt
  • Trendy Outfitter
  • Innovative Jeans
  • Adventurous Zipper
  • Lively Leather
  • Inviting Boutique
  • Natural Swimwear
  • Serious Children’s Apparel
  • Industrial Style
  • Professional Clothing Co.
  • Minimal Swimwear
  • Daring Clothing Vault
  • Uplifting Clothing
  • Sincere Jeans
  • Loyal Boutique
  • Natural Apparel
  • Minimal Chic
  • Calm Boutique
  • Joyful Jeans
  • Bold Boutique
  • Bold Style
  • Transparent Jeans
  • Down to Earth Baby Clothing
  • Industrial Leather
  • Trendy Chic
  • Calm Swimwear
  • Modern Pants
  • Loyal Outfitter
  • Harmonious Chic
  • Inspirational Zipper
  • Relaxed Chic
  • Mature Outfitter
  • Transparent Leather
  • Classic Swimwear
  • Intentional Fashion
  • Charming Zipper
  • Approachable Baby Clothing
  • Serious Leather
  • Casual Boutique
  • Genuine Baby
  • Brave Clothing
  • Quirky Fashion
  • Youthful Jeans
  • Adventurous Children’s Apparel
  • Brave Clothing Co.
  • Minimal Baby

Creative Clothing Brand Names

  • Professional Swimwear
  • Professional Clothing
  • Inspirational Dancewear
  • Minimal Shirt
  • Sophisticated Chic
  • Inviting Chic
  • Bold Fashion
  • Charming Pants
  • Carefree Shirt
  • Bright Swimwear
  • Cozy Clothing Co.
  • Urban Clothing Co.
  • Serious Chic
  • Quirky Swimwear
  • Positive Shirt
  • Sassy Clothing
  • Lively Swimwear
  • Positive Jeans
  • Mature Apparel
  • Inviting Zipper
  • Elegant Clothing Co.
  • Honest Clothing Vault
  • Crafty Swimwear
  • Trendy Pants
  • Sophisticated Style
  • Minimal Baby Clothing
  • Edgy Apparel
  • Casual Baby
  • Bold Apparel
  • Genuine Pants
  • Charming Chic
  • Colorful Jeans
  • Cultured Swimwear
  • Fun Chic
  • Magical Dancewear
  • Active Leather
  • Cozy Baby
  • Relaxed Pants
  • Trendy Fashion
  • Brave Jeans
  • Modern Baby
  • Playful Boutique
  • Active Outfitter
  • Inviting Clothing Co.
  • Down to Earth Boutique
  • Helpful Boutique
  • Innovative Style
  • Serious Jeans
  • Ambitious Clothing
  • Heartfelt Swimwear
  • Ambitious Baby Clothing
  • Serious Boutique
  • Brave Zipper
  • Hopeful Swimwear
  • Classic Children’s Apparel
  • Ambitious Dancewear
  • Edgy Chic
  • Bohemian Pants
  • Luxurious Clothing Co.
  • Warm Boutique
  • Uplifting Outfitter
  • Modern Clothing
  • Inspirational Baby
  • Urban Baby
  • Mature Baby
  • Inviting Swimwear
  • Quirky Clothing Vault
  • Whimsical Outfitter
  • Brave Leather
  • Carefree Pants
  • Relaxed Dancewear
  • Heartfelt Children’s Apparel
  • Inclusive Zipper
  • Calm Jeans
  • Bohemian Swimwear
  • Bright Outfitter
  • Edgy Clothing Co.
  • Sassy Baby Clothing
  • Natural Dancewear
  • Bubbly Outfitter
  • Bohemian Clothing Vault
  • Inclusive Apparel

Catchy Clothing Brand Names

  • Colorful Fashion
  • Approachable Swimwear
  • Whimsical Clothing Co.
  • Serious Outfitter
  • Serious Zipper
  • Bold Clothing Co.
  • Cultured Leather
  • Active Baby Clothing
  • Genuine Jeans
  • Wild Pants
  • Sassy Leather
  • Crafty Pants
  • Industrial Swimwear
  • Romantic Swimwear
  • Helpful Baby
  • Hopeful Jeans
  • Genuine Clothing Co.
  • Joyful Swimwear
  • Bright Zipper
  • Lively Chic
  • Carefree Children’s Apparel
  • Bright Clothing
  • Innovative Children’s Apparel
  • Daring Swimwear
  • High-end Children’s Apparel
  • Fun Clothing
  • Romantic Children’s Apparel
  • Dynamic Children’s Apparel
  • Timeless Boutique
  • Wild Baby Clothing
  • Kind Zipper
  • Down to Earth Jeans
  • Honest Fashion
  • Cheerful Apparel
  • Sassy Clothing Co.
  • Sincere Zipper
  • Dynamic Pants
  • Elegant Apparel
  • Bold Leather
  • Calm Shirt
  • Dynamic Outfitter
  • Helpful Chic
  • Classic Clothing Vault
  • Casual Fashion
  • Inviting Children’s Apparel
  • Kind Pants
  • Inviting Baby
  • Crafty Shirt
  • Charming Fashion
  • Witty Jeans
  • Ambitious Pants
  • Witty Clothing Vault
  • Fun Baby Clothing
  • Transparent Outfitter
  • Brave Fashion
  • Heartfelt Zipper
  • Lively Clothing
  • Innovative Apparel
  • Relaxed Boutique
  • Industrial Clothing Co.
  • Witty Outfitter
  • Inclusive Boutique
  • Classic Style
  • Modern Outfitter
  • Elegant Clothing
  • Positive Baby Clothing
  • Honest Shirt
  • Daring Children’s Apparel
  • Joyful Pants
  • Wild Zipper
  • Brave Children’s Apparel
  • Modern Leather
  • Whimsical Baby
  • Charming Jeans
  • Daring Fashion
  • Down to Earth Clothing
  • Modern Boutique
  • Candid Baby Clothing
  • Calm Style
  • Genuine Shirt
  • Hopeful Boutique
  • Honest Leather

Cloth Brand Names

  • Active Shirt
  • Sincere Fashion
  • Wild Style
  • Serious Style
  • Honest Clothing
  • Mature Zipper
  • Romantic Leather
  • Traditional Jeans
  • Carefree Apparel
  • Uplifting Pants
  • Magical Clothing Co.
  • Modern Dancewear
  • Wild Fashion
  • Intentional Outfitter
  • Magical Pants
  • Cheerful Leather
  • Uplifting Baby Clothing
  • Fun Clothing Co.
  • Fearless Shirt
  • Calm Chic
  • Honest Style
  • Natural Boutique
  • Transparent Shirt
  • Witty Apparel
  • Heartfelt Shirt
  • Trustworthy Boutique
  • Cool Outfitter
  • Charming Swimwear
  • Adventurous Chic
  • Candid Clothing
  • Trustworthy Dancewear
  • Sophisticated Shirt
  • Inviting Style
  • Charming Leather
  • Candid Zipper
  • Inspirational Jeans
  • Playful Apparel
  • Timeless Clothing Vault
  • Delicate Clothing Vault
  • Cool Children’s Apparel
  • Relaxed Baby Clothing
  • Collaborative Boutique
  • Inviting Leather
  • High-end Shirt
  • Brave Style
  • Bold Jeans
  • Active Clothing Vault
  • Helpful Clothing
  • Collaborative Style
  • Cool Jeans
  • Active Baby
  • Honest Zipper
  • Cool Apparel
  • Delicate Swimwear
  • Daring Shirt
  • Bubbly Swimwear
  • Wild Clothing Vault
  • Whimsical Clothing
  • Professional Outfitter
  • Cozy Outfitter
  • Fearless Clothing Vault
  • Hopeful Baby
  • Urban Zipper
  • Mature Clothing
  • Intentional Leather
  • Bright Style
  • Bold Zipper
  • Warm Style
  • Helpful Fashion
  • Joyful Children’s Apparel
  • Playful Chic

Street Clothing Name Ideas

  • Casual Dancewear
  • Helpful Zipper
  • Cheerful Clothing Co.
  • Hopeful Leather
  • Calm Clothing
  • Inclusive Dancewear
  • Professional Shirt
  • Sophisticated Jeans
  • Down to Earth Zipper
  • Dynamic Dancewear
  • Intentional Jeans
  • Intentional Style
  • Casual Leather
  • Luxurious Baby
  • Candid Clothing Co.
  • Hopeful Clothing
  • Collaborative Zipper
  • Bright Clothing Vault
  • Inclusive Leather
  • Cheerful Baby Clothing
  • Positive Clothing Co.
  • Timeless Clothing Co.
  • Traditional Baby
  • Hopeful Zipper
  • Trendy Apparel
  • Youthful Boutique
  • Mature Swimwear
  • Charming Shirt
  • Edgy Jeans
  • Candid Pants
  • Hopeful Clothing Vault
  • Minimal Dancewear
  • Delicate Baby Clothing
  • Crafty Children’s Apparel
  • Casual Outfitter
  • Modern Style
  • Bold Clothing
  • Relaxed Jeans
  • Timeless Zipper
  • Colorful Clothing Co.
  • Luxurious Jeans
  • Trendy Boutique
  • Delicate Boutique
  • Magical Chic
  • Active Apparel
  • Inspirational Swimwear
  • Classic Boutique
  • Witty Swimwear
  • Inviting Shirt
  • Charming Style
  • Edgy Baby Clothing
  • Honest Children’s Apparel
  • Bright Chic
  • Sophisticated Outfitter
  • Romantic Pants
  • Approachable Fashion
  • Cool Pants
  • Witty Style
  • Youthful Baby
  • Modern Fashion
  • Classic Chic
  • Sincere Boutique
  • Youthful Pants
  • Adventurous Leather
  • Delicate Baby
  • Calm Clothing Vault
  • Magical Boutique
  • Helpful Clothing Vault
  • High-end Fashion
  • Sincere Clothing
  • Delicate Outfitter
  • Minimal Clothing Co.
  • Crafty Clothing

Names for Clothing Brands in Australia

  • Edgy Outfitter
  • Inviting Clothing
  • Active Zipper
  • Daring Clothing
  • Loyal Clothing Vault
  • Inclusive Clothing Co.
  • Playful Style
  • Industrial Pants
  • Witty Dancewear
  • Playful Children’s Apparel
  • Crafty Fashion
  • Cozy Apparel
  • Traditional Shirt
  • Innovative Chic
  • Inclusive Jeans
  • Relaxed Shirt
  • Joyful Baby Clothing
  • Sophisticated Zipper
  • Romantic Outfitter
  • Professional Pants
  • Cultured Style
  • Colorful Clothing Vault
  • Bohemian Dancewear
  • Classic Jeans
  • Bold Baby
  • Crafty Clothing Vault
  • Daring Clothing Co.
  • Cozy Baby Clothing
  • Urban Boutique
  • Kind Outfitter
  • Carefree Zipper
  • Honest Boutique
  • Relaxed Clothing Co.
  • Professional Leather
  • Cool Clothing
  • Modern Swimwear
  • Harmonious Outfitter
  • Joyful Clothing
  • Bold Pants
  • Active Clothing
  • Positive Clothing
  • Bubbly Style
  • Crafty Baby
  • Magical Leather
  • Playful Clothing Vault
  • Minimal Zipper
  • Harmonious Pants
  • Edgy Shirt
  • Inspirational Children’s Apparel
  • Dynamic Apparel
  • Candid Dancewear
  • Wild Shirt
  • Casual Clothing Co.
  • Cool Shirt
  • Approachable Boutique
  • Whimsical Clothing Vault
  • Playful Baby Clothing
  • Daring Apparel
  • Urban Children’s Apparel
  • Joyful Clothing Co.
  • Industrial Baby Clothing
  • Collaborative Apparel
  • Sophisticated Swimwear
  • Industrial Chic
  • Urban Apparel
  • Adventurous Shirt
  • Fun Fashion
  • Heartfelt Clothing Co.
  • Loyal Fashion
  • Sincere Clothing Co.
  • Down to Earth Baby
  • Traditional Clothing Vault

Online Clothing Brand Name Suggestions

  • Casual Shirt
  • Traditional Leather
  • Wild Children’s Apparel
  • Inspirational Baby Clothing
  • Natural Clothing Vault
  • Industrial Jeans
  • Charming Dancewear
  • Fearless Baby Clothing
  • Cheerful Swimwear
  • Mature Boutique
  • Relaxed Style
  • Fun Shirt
  • Minimal Leather
  • Brave Outfitter
  • Bubbly Leather
  • Warm Clothing Vault
  • Timeless Leather
  • Whimsical Shirt
  • Colorful Baby
  • Edgy Children’s Apparel
  • Traditional Style
  • Urban Swimwear
  • Positive Outfitter
  • Cool Chic
  • Honest Baby
  • Playful Clothing Co.
  • Inclusive Baby
  • Positive Apparel
  • Timeless Baby Clothing
  • Collaborative Dancewear
  • Fun Dancewear
  • Relaxed Apparel
  • Transparent Fashion
  • Sophisticated Baby
  • Elegant Clothing Vault
  • Calm Baby Clothing
  • Bold Shirt
  • Natural Pants
  • Youthful Outfitter
  • Modern Shirt
  • Traditional Zipper
  • Uplifting Jeans
  • Ambitious Apparel
  • Brave Baby
  • Approachable Clothing
  • Charming Apparel
  • Relaxed Outfitter
  • Minimal Outfitter
  • Genuine Fashion
  • Mature Shirt
  • Sassy Fashion
  • Active Fashion
  • Sincere Baby
  • Transparent Clothing Co.
  • Genuine Zipper
  • Relaxed Clothing
  • Witty Baby Clothing
  • Crafty Dancewear
  • Magical Style
  • Harmonious Clothing Co.
  • Loyal Dancewear
  • Traditional Fashion
  • Mature Leather
  • Witty Boutique
  • Calm Pants
  • Cheerful Zipper
  • Whimsical Children’s Apparel
  • Intentional Clothing
  • Inclusive Baby Clothing
  • Dynamic Swimwear
  • Cheerful Children’s Apparel
  • Lively Clothing Vault
  • Inclusive Outfitter
  • Delicate Clothing
  • Crafty Jeans
  • Delicate Jeans

Unique Clothing Store Names

  • Adventurous Apparel
  • Bohemian Chic
  • Daring Style
  • Trendy Children’s Apparel
  • Natural Zipper
  • Uplifting Clothing Co.
  • Elegant Pants
  • Fearless Baby
  • Ambitious Chic
  • Luxurious Fashion
  • Carefree Leather
  • Helpful Shirt
  • Inclusive Chic
  • Delicate Clothing Co.
  • Ambitious Outfitter
  • Uplifting Zipper
  • Edgy Swimwear
  • Joyful Leather
  • Quirky Clothing
  • Classic Apparel
  • Kind Fashion
  • Hopeful Children’s Apparel
  • Ambitious Boutique
  • Loyal Pants
  • Positive Style
  • Youthful Apparel
  • Industrial Apparel
  • Fearless Outfitter
  • Sassy Dancewear
  • Cultured Fashion
  • Bubbly Pants
  • Casual Style
  • Ambitious Children’s Apparel
  • Traditional Swimwear
  • Bohemian Zipper
  • Positive Pants
  • Relaxed Swimwear
  • Fearless Clothing Co.
  • Luxurious Swimwear
  • Kind Clothing
  • Positive Zipper
  • Trustworthy Clothing
  • Down to Earth Fashion
  • Uplifting Apparel
  • Cheerful Style
  • Harmonious Baby Clothing
  • Fun Zipper
  • Witty Baby
  • Inclusive Clothing Vault
  • Warm Baby Clothing
  • Loyal Clothing Co.
  • Elegant Outfitter
  • Lively Clothing Co.
  • Delicate Apparel
  • Loyal Leather
  • Cultured Dancewear
  • Elegant Swimwear
  • Transparent Swimwear
  • Sophisticated Apparel
  • Approachable Dancewear
  • Playful Clothing
  • Trendy Clothing Co.
  • Colorful Dancewear
  • Witty Zipper
  • High-end Swimwear
  • Hopeful Baby Clothing
  • Down to Earth Chic
  • Crafty Boutique
  • Transparent Chic
  • Dynamic Baby
  • Helpful Jeans
  • Inclusive Children’s Apparel
  • Bohemian Fashion
  • Fun Jeans
  • Witty Shirt
  • Cool Fashion
  • Wild Baby
  • Genuine Outfitter
  • Wild Clothing Co.
  • Joyful Zipper

Clothing Brand Names Generator

  • Intentional Clothing Co.
  • Colorful Boutique
  • Approachable Style
  • Hopeful Shirt
  • Adventurous Pants
  • Helpful Pants
  • Cozy Dancewear
  • High-end Chic
  • Sophisticated Clothing Co.
  • Down to Earth Shirt
  • Bubbly Baby Clothing
  • Kind Apparel
  • Classic Clothing Co.
  • Charming Clothing Vault
  • Intentional Pants
  • Quirky Baby
  • Sophisticated Pants
  • Bold Outfitter
  • Candid Clothing Vault
  • Cheerful Fashion
  • Kind Clothing Co.
  • Lively Jeans
  • Cheerful Baby
  • Heartfelt Pants
  • Fearless Fashion
  • High-end Baby Clothing
  • Serious Dancewear
  • Bright Jeans
  • Natural Baby
  • Loyal Children’s Apparel
  • Positive Leather
  • Urban Clothing Vault
  • Approachable Baby
  • Luxurious Chic
  • Positive Boutique
  • Fearless Pants
  • Playful Jeans
  • Youthful Dancewear
  • Daring Outfitter
  • Bohemian Outfitter
  • Loyal Shirt
  • Quirky Chic
  • Bohemian Style
  • Luxurious Leather
  • Minimal Fashion
  • Helpful Dancewear
  • Playful Leather
  • Warm Leather
  • Urban Outfitter
  • Cool Zipper
  • Kind Chic
  • Traditional Baby Clothing
  • Cheerful Chic
  • Carefree Swimwear
  • Quirky Clothing Co.
  • Charming Outfitter
  • Active Children’s Apparel
  • Mature Children’s Apparel
  • Calm Clothing Co.
  • Adventurous Clothing Co.
  • Fearless Leather
  • Warm Pants
  • Natural Clothing Co.
  • Inclusive Fashion
  • Playful Dancewear
  • Intentional Dancewear
  • Professional Baby Clothing
  • Helpful Apparel
  • Approachable Chic
  • High-end Dancewear
  • Lively Apparel
  • Classic Outfitter
  • Relaxed Fashion
  • Kind Baby
  • Quirky Style
  • Edgy Boutique
  • Luxurious Apparel
  • Timeless Jeans
  • Trustworthy Apparel
  • Inspirational Clothing Co.
  • Cool Clothing Co.

Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  • Collaborative Pants
  • Adventurous Clothing
  • Fearless Style
  • Approachable Children’s Apparel
  • Casual Pants
  • Cozy Zipper
  • Active Chic
  • Professional Boutique
  • Fearless Apparel
  • Youthful Children’s Apparel
  • Industrial Shirt
  • Fun Style
  • Brave Pants
  • Bright Shirt
  • Classic Shirt
  • Hopeful Chic
  • Trustworthy Chic
  • Cultured Clothing Vault
  • Inspirational Leather
  • Innovative Leather
  • Innovative Swimwear
  • Playful Baby
  • Timeless Pants
  • Minimal Apparel
  • Mature Style
  • Fun Outfitter
  • Cultured Apparel
  • Cultured Clothing
  • Sincere Dancewear
  • Cheerful Clothing
  • Magical Shirt
  • Minimal Jeans
  • Bohemian Baby Clothing
  • Trustworthy Clothing Co.
  • Modern Jeans
  • Fearless Clothing
  • Active Clothing Co.
  • Cultured Shirt
  • High-end Outfitter
  • Warm Zipper
  • Elegant Chic
  • Joyful Apparel
  • Trustworthy Shirt
  • Wild Boutique
  • Edgy Zipper
  • Cheerful Pants
  • Brave Chic
  • Traditional Clothing Co.
  • Quirky Shirt
  • Harmonious Shirt
  • Heartfelt Chic
  • Calm Leather
  • Casual Clothing
  • Lively Outfitter
  • Candid Shirt
  • Collaborative Jeans
  • Colorful Children’s Apparel
  • Carefree Fashion
  • Luxurious Baby Clothing
  • Fearless Boutique
  • Hopeful Style
  • Genuine Children’s Apparel
  • Trustworthy Baby
  • Whimsical Apparel
  • Fun Pants
  • Brave Swimwear
  • Professional Children’s Apparel
  • Heartfelt Clothing
  • Trendy Style
  • Ambitious Style
  • Luxurious Boutique
  • Delicate Zipper
  • Colorful Outfitter
  • Kind Jeans
  • Classic Clothing
  • Natural Fashion
  • Trendy Swimwear
  • Sincere Baby Clothing
  • Sincere Children’s Apparel
  • Witty Clothing
  • Warm Chic

Names for Clothing Brands in Canada

  • Kind Shirt
  • Intentional Shirt
  • Mature Pants
  • Harmonious Jeans
  • Sincere Outfitter
  • Active Swimwear
  • Cheerful Shirt
  • Lively Boutique
  • Natural Shirt
  • Whimsical Dancewear
  • Calm Children’s Apparel
  • Transparent Clothing Vault
  • Heartfelt Fashion
  • Harmonious Leather
  • Down to Earth Clothing Co.
  • Trendy Leather
  • Loyal Clothing
  • Sophisticated Clothing
  • Romantic Apparel
  • Dynamic Chic
  • Timeless Outfitter
  • Hopeful Fashion
  • Edgy Style
  • Approachable Pants
  • Transparent Dancewear
  • Serious Baby
  • Delicate Children’s Apparel
  • Honest Chic
  • Transparent Baby
  • Loyal Apparel
  • Sincere Swimwear
  • Traditional Dancewear
  • Bohemian Jeans
  • Uplifting Dancewear
  • Playful Swimwear
  • Innovative Fashion
  • High-end Jeans
  • Natural Clothing
  • Adventurous Style
  • Youthful Shirt
  • Cultured Clothing Co.
  • Intentional Apparel
  • Adventurous Swimwear
  • Fearless Dancewear
  • Bohemian Clothing
  • Elegant Fashion
  • Innovative Baby Clothing
  • Classic Dancewear
  • Warm Swimwear
  • Relaxed Clothing Vault
  • Trustworthy Outfitter
  • Charming Boutique
  • Calm Outfitter
  • Genuine Chic
  • Luxurious Zipper
  • Cozy Pants
  • Bohemian Clothing Co.
  • Helpful Swimwear
  • Uplifting Style
  • Whimsical Pants
  • Cozy Leather
  • Romantic Shirt
  • Youthful Zipper

Apparel Business Name Suggestions

  • Romantic Clothing Vault
  • Approachable Outfitter
  • Cultured Chic
  • Minimal Pants
  • Trendy Clothing
  • Wild Outfitter
  • Honest Outfitter
  • Transparent Baby Clothing
  • Quirky Baby Clothing
  • Brave Apparel
  • Adventurous Outfitter
  • Candid Leather
  • Cozy Boutique
  • Loyal Baby
  • Natural Style
  • Sincere Leather
  • Sophisticated Leather
  • Positive Swimwear
  • Cool Baby
  • Adventurous Dancewear
  • Active Jeans
  • Serious Shirt
  • Inviting Dancewear
  • Edgy Baby
  • Inviting Fashion
  • Collaborative Outfitter
  • Carefree Jeans
  • Whimsical Boutique
  • Casual Jeans
  • Helpful Children’s Apparel
  • Ambitious Jeans
  • Serious Clothing Vault
  • Lively Fashion
  • Hopeful Pants
  • Candid Outfitter
  • Wild Swimwear
  • Cultured Pants
  • Sophisticated Dancewear
  • Sophisticated Clothing Vault
  • Collaborative Baby Clothing
  • Kind Dancewear
  • Trustworthy Leather
  • Timeless Apparel
  • Honest Swimwear
  • Elegant Style
  • Witty Chic
  • Carefree Outfitter
  • Inclusive Style
  • High-end Clothing Vault
  • Mature Baby Clothing
  • Professional Chic
  • Hopeful Dancewear
  • Modern Children’s Apparel
  • Cool Style
  • Harmonious Children’s Apparel
  • Positive Chic
  • Edgy Clothing
  • Playful Zipper
  • Collaborative Shirt
  • Cheerful Boutique
  • Down to Earth Children’s Apparel
  • Youthful Chic
  • Mature Chic
  • Crafty Zipper
  • Uplifting Swimwear
  • Casual Chic
  • Minimal Style
  • Edgy Dancewear
  • Heartfelt Baby
  • Sincere Shirt

Top Clothing Brand Names in the USA

  • Charming Clothing Co.
  • Inspirational Style
  • Innovative Clothing
  • Fearless Jeans
  • Colorful Chic
  • Cheerful Jeans
  • Elegant Shirt
  • Bright Leather
  • Youthful Clothing Vault
  • Professional Fashion
  • Cozy Jeans
  • Collaborative Clothing Co.
  • Innovative Shirt
  • Lively Baby Clothing
  • Warm Baby
  • High-end Leather
  • Whimsical Chic
  • Elegant Leather
  • Down to Earth Apparel
  • Trustworthy Zipper
  • Modern Clothing Vault
  • Genuine Clothing Vault
  • Bubbly Fashion
  • Relaxed Children’s Apparel
  • Dynamic Clothing Vault
  • Sophisticated Boutique
  • Crafty Outfitter
  • Minimal Children’s Apparel
  • Warm Clothing Co.
  • Cool Swimwear
  • Intentional Baby
  • Luxurious Clothing Vault
  • Collaborative Clothing Vault
  • Hopeful Apparel
  • Dynamic Leather
  • Cozy Children’s Apparel
  • Urban Style
  • Magical Children’s Apparel
  • Intentional Clothing Vault
  • Harmonious Boutique
  • Cozy Clothing
  • Classic Pants
  • Traditional Children’s Apparel
  • Approachable Leather
  • Luxurious Clothing
  • Heartfelt Style
  • Inclusive Pants
  • Bohemian Shirt
  • Genuine Baby Clothing
  • Bold Swimwear
  • Crafty Clothing Co.
  • Quirky Boutique
  • Loyal Baby Clothing
  • Professional Apparel
  • Intentional Boutique
  • Industrial Boutique
  • Cool Baby Clothing
  • Trendy Baby
  • Playful Pants
  • Elegant Dancewear
  • Ambitious Clothing Co.
  • Adventurous Baby
  • Bold Clothing Vault
  • Colorful Pants
  • Whimsical Jeans
  • Luxurious Children’s Apparel
  • Candid Children’s Apparel
  • Luxurious Outfitter
  • Harmonious Clothing
  • Active Pants
  • Innovative Boutique
  • Fearless Zipper
  • Heartfelt Boutique
  • Daring Baby
  • Heartfelt Leather

Baby Clothing Brand Names

  • Uplifting Boutique
  • Positive Baby
  • Brave Clothing Vault
  • Casual Apparel
  • Whimsical Zipper
  • Witty Clothing Co.
  • Fun Boutique
  • Crafty Apparel
  • Bohemian Apparel
  • Bold Dancewear
  • Cozy Fashion
  • Serious Swimwear
  • Cultured Children’s Apparel
  • Casual Zipper
  • Delicate Chic
  • Sassy Jeans
  • Hopeful Clothing Co.
  • Charming Children’s Apparel
  • Romantic Baby Clothing
  • Wild Clothing
  • Lively Children’s Apparel
  • Romantic Fashion
  • Casual Swimwear
  • Bright Children’s Apparel
  • Colorful Apparel
  • Whimsical Swimwear
  • Fun Children’s Apparel
  • Uplifting Baby
  • Timeless Fashion
  • Sincere Clothing Vault
  • Colorful Swimwear
  • Colorful Zipper
  • Trendy Shirt
  • Harmonious Apparel
  • Cozy Swimwear
  • Collaborative Leather
  • Crafty Baby Clothing
  • Warm Fashion
  • Professional Zipper
  • Charming Clothing
  • Kind Leather
  • Industrial Clothing
  • Kind Style
  • Kind Swimwear
  • Inspirational Outfitter
  • Bright Dancewear
  • Magical Baby Clothing
  • Sincere Chic
  • Professional Baby
  • Romantic Boutique
  • Kind Baby Clothing
  • Sincere Style
  • Mature Clothing Co.
  • Honest Jeans
  • Industrial Dancewear
  • Daring Leather
  • Classic Baby Clothing
  • Industrial Zipper
  • Honest Pants
  • Luxurious Style
  • Trendy Zipper
  • Professional Jeans
  • Serious Clothing Co.
  • Carefree Style
  • Carefree Clothing Co.
  • Wild Chic
  • Lively Shirt
  • Inviting Jeans
  • Minimal Clothing Vault
  • Lively Zipper
  • Modern Chic
  • Heartfelt Baby Clothing
  • Cultured Zipper
  • Traditional Boutique
  • Transparent Pants
  • Edgy Fashion
  • Magical Clothing

Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

  • Wild Apparel
  • Delicate Pants
  • Inclusive Swimwear
  • Brave Boutique
  • Bubbly Children’s Apparel
  • Sassy Swimwear
  • Inviting Baby Clothing
  • Inviting Pants
  • Whimsical Fashion
  • Daring Pants
  • Sassy Children’s Apparel
  • Warm Outfitter
  • Cool Leather
  • Innovative Pants
  • Elegant Boutique
  • Kind Boutique
  • Warm Jeans
  • Fearless Chic
  • Uplifting Shirt
  • Calm Dancewear
  • Bubbly Zipper
  • Lively Style
  • Collaborative Fashion
  • Sassy Shirt
  • Positive Clothing Vault
  • Bold Baby Clothing
  • Dynamic Style
  • Trendy Clothing Vault
  • Industrial Fashion
  • Cozy Clothing Vault
  • Magical Zipper
  • Mature Jeans
  • Luxurious Pants
  • Uplifting Clothing Vault
  • Urban Pants
  • Colorful Leather
  • Genuine Leather
  • Inviting Clothing Vault
  • High-end Apparel
  • Harmonious Zipper
  • Approachable Clothing Co.
  • Urban Clothing
  • Romantic Jeans
  • Harmonious Dancewear
  • Minimal Boutique
  • Industrial Baby
  • Dynamic Fashion
  • Candid Jeans
  • Elegant Zipper
  • Daring Baby Clothing
  • Mature Fashion
  • Bright Fashion
  • Innovative Zipper
  • Transparent Style
  • Magical Clothing Vault
  • Daring Jeans
  • Romantic Style
  • Helpful Style
  • Industrial Children’s Apparel
  • Magical Baby
  • Honest Baby Clothing
  • Candid Apparel
  • Loyal Jeans

Best Clothing Brand Names in India

  • Bubbly Boutique
  • Youthful Fashion
  • Intentional Swimwear
  • Dynamic Clothing Co.
  • Uplifting Leather
  • Youthful Baby Clothing
  • Daring Chic
  • Inviting Apparel
  • Uplifting Fashion
  • Timeless Dancewear
  • Serious Clothing
  • Urban Fashion
  • Joyful Chic
  • Down to Earth Clothing Vault
  • Wild Jeans
  • Intentional Children’s Apparel
  • Trustworthy Style
  • Charming Baby Clothing
  • Youthful Leather
  • Ambitious Clothing Vault
  • Approachable Shirt
  • Sassy Clothing Vault
  • Ambitious Leather
  • Delicate Style
  • Hopeful Outfitter
  • Candid Style
  • Romantic Zipper
  • Joyful Clothing Vault
  • Delicate Dancewear
  • Intentional Chic
  • Bright Clothing Co.
  • Approachable Jeans
  • Collaborative Clothing
  • Helpful Outfitter
  • High-end Baby
  • Casual Children’s Apparel
  • Traditional Apparel
  • Whimsical Baby Clothing
  • Calm Baby
  • Fun Clothing Vault
  • Brave Baby Clothing
  • Cool Dancewear
  • Bubbly Dancewear
  • Witty Leather
  • High-end Boutique
  • Inclusive Clothing
  • Transparent Clothing
  • Playful Shirt
  • Bright Apparel
  • Joyful Style
  • Loyal Style
  • Sassy Boutique
  • Timeless Clothing
  • Bubbly Shirt
  • Bubbly Apparel
  • Delicate Fashion
  • Wild Leather
  • Trustworthy Children’s Apparel
  • Inspirational Boutique
  • Romantic Clothing Co.
  • Carefree Clothing Vault
  • Cheerful Clothing Vault
  • Urban Dancewear
  • Timeless Baby
  • Bohemian Children’s Apparel
  • Quirky Zipper
  • Cozy Shirt
  • Ambitious Shirt
  • Candid Boutique

What is a great way to find a great clothing line name?

The first thing I always do when looking for a clothing line name is to protect my chosen word; if you do this will vary by country but generally speaking “trademarks” are used as identifiers outside of advertising whereas “copyrights” protect creative works from theft within marketing materials. If neither applies, choose whatever feels best! A great way to generate new clothing line concepts or brand names is by using two words that capture what your store represents. For example: “Lazy Daisy” is a women-focused boutique selling apparel inspired by Southern living; “Country Road Boutique” sells pieces from designers like Lilly Pulitzer from sporty wear to chic everyday looks; “(Not) Guilty Clothing Co.” offers vintage style dresses at affordable prices, etcetera!

Check domain availability for your clothing brand name ideas and register now to start building your apparel company!


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Our Naming Experts Will Help You With Business Name Suggestions

Sort business names by:

Apparel Business Names

Here is a list of apparel business name ideas for your new startup:

  • Ambitious Apparel
  • Plausible Apparel
  • Splendid Apparel
  • Witty Apparel
  • Decorated Apparel
  • Androgynous Apparel
  • Mysterious Apparel
  • Harmonious Apparel
  • Deployable Apparel
  • Alert Apparel
  • Challenging Apparel
  • Antique Apparel
  • Rustic Apparel
  • Secure Apparel
  • Inexpensive Apparel
  • Self-liking Apparel
  • Joyful Apparel
  • Unique Apparel

Funny Apparel Brand Names

Here are some funny and unique apparel company name ideas:

  1. Specific Apparel
  2. Succinct Apparel
  3. Masculine Apparel
  4. Dry Apparel
  5. Placid Apparel
  6. Intriguing Apparel
  7. Advisable Apparel
  8. Aesthetically Pleasing Apparel
  9. Entertaining Apparel
  10. High-Touch Apparel
  11. Skillful Apparel
  12. Adventurous Apparel
  13. Positive Apparel
  14. Curious Apparel
  15. Principled Apparel
  16. Straight-forward Apparel
  17. Famous Apparel
  18. Regular Apparel

Cool Apparel Business Names

Here are some cool and catchy apparel company names for your inspiration:

  • Content Apparel
  • Admirable Apparel
  • Scarce Apparel
  • Safe Apparel
  • Accommodating Apparel
  • Methodical Apparel
  • Considerate Apparel
  • Remarkable Apparel
  • Tangible Apparel
  • Gainful Apparel
  • Stimulating Apparel
  • Disciplined Apparel
  • Excellent Apparel
  • Public Apparel
  • Unified Apparel
  • Bold Apparel
  • Plucky Apparel
  • Lawful Apparel

Unique Apparel Company Names

Here’s a list of apparel company names that you can use for naming inspiration for your brainstorming session. These ideas are derived from well-known apparel firms, large apparel firms, and small apparel companies.

Moody ApparelBudget Apparel
Next ApparelHonest Apparel
Careful ApparelTalented Apparel
Minimal ApparelCosmopolitan Apparel
Hard-to-find ApparelCapable Apparel
Exquisite ApparelPassionate Apparel
Enterprising ApparelObedient Apparel
Loyal ApparelFuturistic Apparel
Resourceful ApparelTraceable Apparel
Earthy ApparelWelcoming Apparel

Apparel Company Names In USA

Following are the best apparel company names that will inspire you:

Apparel business naming suggestions from Brandlance naming experts
  • Perfect Apparel
  • Odd Apparel
  • Nostalgic Apparel
  • Courageous Apparel
  • Gentle Apparel
  • Attentive Apparel
  • Tireless Apparel
  • Ingenious Apparel
  • Youthful Apparel
  • Dramatic Apparel
  • Steadfast Apparel
  • Systematic Apparel
  • Frank Apparel
  • Panoramic Apparel
  • Elegant Apparel
  • Questioning Apparel
  • Loving Apparel
  • Precious Apparel

Apparel Company Names In UK

  • Sumptuous Apparel
  • Youthful Apparel
  • Whimsical Apparel
  • Wonderful Apparel
  • Seemly Apparel
  • Discreet Apparel
  • Redundant Apparel
  • Workable Apparel
  • Choosy Apparel
  • Gorgeous Apparel
  • Cautious Apparel
  • Measured Apparel
  • Striking Apparel
  • Fair Apparel
  • Expensive Apparel
  • Nice Apparel
  • Rhetorical Apparel
  • Compliant Apparel

Female Apparel Company Names (Women Owned)

  • Tranquil Apparel
  • Hard-working Apparel
  • Diligent Apparel
  • Real Apparel
  • Large Apparel
  • Swanky Apparel
  • Structured Apparel
  • Glorious Apparel
  • Elastic Apparel
  • Messy Apparel
  • Giving Apparel
  • Stylish Apparel
  • Candid Apparel
  • Innocent Apparel
  • Mindful Apparel
  • Mechanical Apparel
  • Hopeful Apparel
  • Understated Apparel

Apparel Business Names In India

  • Opulent Apparel
  • Vivid Apparel
  • Logical Apparel
  • Fine Apparel
  • Dependable Apparel
  • Holistic Apparel
  • Healthy Apparel
  • Real Time Apparel
  • Values-Driven Apparel
  • Upbeat Apparel
  • Sentimental Apparel
  • Pretty Apparel
  • Bubbly Apparel
  • Impulsive Apparel
  • Superb Apparel
  • Sleek Apparel
  • No-nonsense Apparel
  • Refreshing Apparel

Apparel Brand Name Ideas

List of brand name ideas for newApparelcompanies
  • Decisive Apparel
  • Royal Apparel
  • Punctual Apparel
  • Discerning Apparel
  • Thin Apparel
  • Dreamy Apparel
  • Warm Apparel
  • Influential Apparel
  • Steady Apparel
  • Polished Apparel
  • Perpetual Apparel
  • Joyous Apparel
  • Accountable Apparel
  • Corporate Apparel
  • Fast Apparel
  • Cooperative Apparel
  • Humble Apparel
  • Enigmatic Apparel

Catchy Apparel Company Names

  • Rebel Apparel
  • Distinct Apparel
  • Selfless Apparel
  • Maintainable Apparel
  • Multi-talented Apparel
  • Premium Apparel
  • Impartial Apparel
  • Usable Apparel
  • Fashionable Apparel
  • Unassuming Apparel
  • Intellectual Apparel
  • Lovely Apparel
  • Unconventional Apparel
  • Posh Apparel
  • Magical Apparel
  • Magnetic Apparel
  • Confident Apparel
  • Inviting Apparel

Creative Apparel Company Names

Instinctive ApparelFlexible Apparel
Boundless ApparelDeliberate Apparel
Formal ApparelCoastal Apparel
Mystical ApparelUncovered Apparel
Revolutionary ApparelLevel Apparel
Proud ApparelElaborate Apparel
Cheerful ApparelTrustworthy Apparel
Tasteful ApparelSudden Apparel
Helpful ApparelSpecialized Apparel
Generous ApparelAdept Apparel

Showing all 15 results

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  • – Premium brand domain name is for sale. This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of a business. The possibilities are endless!

  • This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of business. The possibilities are endless! Logo Design service with unlimited revisions is included in the price.

  • This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of business. The possibilities are endless! Logo Design service with unlimited revisions is included in the price.

  • This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of business. The possibilities are endless! Logo Design service with unlimited revisions is included in the price.

  • – Premium brand domain name is for sale. This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of a business. The possibilities are endless!

  • This ready-made brand domain name is suitable for any kind of business. The possibilities are endless! Logo Design service with unlimited revisions is included in the price.


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How to Name Your Apparel Business

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a name for your apparel company. At Brandlance we have been naming businesses for over 8 years and we are here to help you with our suggestions from our naming experts. We will help you with the process of naming your apparelcompany and we can also help you with logo design for your new company. If you want us to help you with naming your apparel company, just go to our Business Naming Service page, fill out our questionnaire and we can start!

Apparel company name ideas for your new business venture

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Naming a Apparel Company

How Do You Name a Apparel Company?

The company name is one of the most important elements in the success of your apparel company. The company name will be used everywhere, including in marketing, media articles, interviews, flyers - you get the idea. Your apparel company's identity will also start to form around that name after it has been selected. A smart move would be to carefully plan out what attributes your apparel company wants to portray before settling on a final decision about what to call it.

How Do I Find a Unique Apparel Company Name?

The best way to come up with a unique apparel company name is by brainstorming. Grab a whiteboard or pieces of paper and write down adjectives that describe your apparel company. Start combining those words together until you find something you really like! You can also use our apparel company name generator for more ideas.

Which Name Is Best for Apparel Company?

The best name for a apparel company is a simple representation of the essence, purpose, or mission of your business. It's an identity that they might want to pay lots of money for. Essentially your apparel company's name becomes the starting point in the development of determining its 'personality'.

How to Pick a Apparel Company Name?

It's important to get other people's opinions when picking a apparel company name. You might think it is perfect, but in reality they could have something more suitable or even better!

You should always ask your friends and family what they think about the names of potential apparel businesses because everyone has different ideas on things like this.

How to Choose the Right Apparel Company Name?

One of the most important decisions a company makes is choosing its name. It's crucial that you do it right and have an excellent understanding to what your apparel company will be about so this can help with branding, marketing campaigns etc.

What Are the Rules for Naming a Apparel Company?

In general, your apparel company name should follow these guidelines for naming a business:

  • Length - the shorter the better.
  • Intensity - if your product is fun and playful, choose an equally playful name that will bring smiles.
  • Personality Type - there are companies with personality types like 'cool', 'funky' etc., so find out what's most appropriate for your niche.
  • Brand Image - think about who would be attracted to buy from your company.

What Should You Not Do When Naming a Apparel Business?

There are a number of things that you shouldn't do when naming your apparel company, but one important thing to avoid is choosing a name that's confusingly similar to an existing company.

How Long Is Too Long for a Apparel Business Name?

The length of a company's business name may depend on the type of apparel company being run. Short names are just easier for people to remember and say. Think about it from from your own perspective - would you want to say and remember longer words? So what we recommend is sticking with 4-9 characters.

How Do I Know if My Apparel Business Name Is Already Taken?

If you're still in the planning phase, it's best to check with a apparel company trademark attorney. One of the quickest ways to see if something is already taken is to run the name through Google or Bing. You could also use websites that specialize in trademarks, such as TrademarksShelf® by Bloomberg® or CPPCorp® Online Services' TESS® System.

Should I Put the in Front of My Apparel Business Name?

This is more of a layout question than anything else, but it can go either way. A significant part of branding your apparel company is having the logo on everything associated with it, so putting it in front is likely more beneficial than putting it behind.

Can Two Apparel Businesses Have the Same Name?

It is not against the law. However, it is advised to check for trademarks and copyrights beforehand and make sure you abide by all the logistic guidelines set forth in company bibles. Although it is not unheard of for two apparel companies with the same name to exist in different parts of the country, most company names are unique because companies try to distinguish themselves by using 'differentiation.'

How Many Syllables Should Be in a Apparel Brand Name?

There's no universal answer to this question, but most brands are one to three syllables. Your apparel name does not have to be one or two syllables long or even three for that matter. The most popular words in the english language are typically two syllables.

Why You Shouldn't Use Your Name for Your LLC?

Many professionals, including coaches and other people in the arts can have their own businesses. However, if you're producing goods for sale it might be better to choose a different apparel company name because this will relate your products directly back towards yourself when naming them after themselves.

Can I Trademark a Apparel Brand Name That Already Exists?

No. has a helpful guide as to why it is not possible to do so. That guide states that an examiner would not approve the logo trademark if the mark is already in use.

Are Shorter Apparel Brand Names Better?

A shorter, snappy apparel brand name is more likely to be memorable than a long one.

Can I Sue a Apparel Company for Using My Name?

It may depend on whether you've published your name in some type of form that makes it easy to find or if the company were actively looking for you. It may also depend on what the apparel company did with your name after using it.

Do I Need a Trademark or Copyright for My Apparel Business Name?

It's a good idea to trademark a name for business purposes, where a service or product is distinctive and someone else might try to use the same or similar name for apparel company. If you don't claim your name as a trademark, someone else can file the paperwork. Defending yourself in court can be expensive, but if you register it when starting your company, it will act as notice of ownership.

Should My Apparel Business Name Be Short?

No. It's much better for a business to have a memorable and unique name rather than be like every other apparel company in the industry.

What Are the Top 10 Companies in the World?

  • Thomson Reuters
  • Walmart Stores Inc.
  • Facebook
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Apple Inc.
  • Nike
  • General Electric Co.
  • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
  • AT&T Inc.
  • Alphabet (Google)

Should a Apparel Logo Include the Company Name?

You should include your company name in your apparel logo if you want it to be instantly recognizable.

Should I Copyright My Apparel Company Logo?

If you don't want others to steal your apparel company logo, you should absolutely copyright it.

Can a Apparel Company Logo Just Be a Name?

Yes, apparel companies often use just their company name as a logo.

How Can I Start My Own Apparel Company?

  • Do your homework; all successful apparel startups do research, study the market, and identify a hole that needs to be filled by their product or service.
  • Come up with an idea for your apparel company. It should simplify tasks in the customer's daily life, have no competition in its sector, not require too much initial investment to get started with marketing it.
  • Figure out how you'll make money. This usually means figuring out your cost of goods sold (COGS) and what prices you'll need to set for those goods so that you have a margin on top of them once you start marketing/selling them.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Apparel Company?

It entirely depends on what type of apparel company you might be starting. There are many different aspects to consider when considering the financial state of your business for instance how quickly cash will be needed, the risks that are associated with starting a company, or even whether or not there are potential investors that may be able to offer you financing. It is very difficult to answer this question due to the differences in considerations between each apparel company startup.

How Do Apparel Companies Get Clients?

Apparel companies get clients by doing marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns are designed to convince people that their product is the best thing out there, and it's worth spending money on rather than a competitor's. To do this they might use a number of advertising techniques in a bid to show you why they represent the best choice in relation to competitors in the consumer goods or service industry.

Best practices to naming your apparel business

Designing a good apparel business name is definitely not an easy task in terms of coming up with something that does not sound like a "fad" business, does not resemble the name of another apparel business, and makes sense to potential customers. The idea is always to pick an appropriate and original name for your apparel business.

#1) Brainstorm your ideas:

Take a pad of paper and start writing down the names that inspire you in apparel niche. Your idea could be something inspired by apparel industry, name the business after yourself or some other person, create an acronym for the main apparel services offered. One should also consider whether to make it easy to spell or difficult in order to prevent misspelling.

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#2) Shortlist your naming ideas:

Next, you need to shortlist your apparel naming ideas. It is important to be realistic and only choose those names that actually fit well with the apparel niche. If you already have a domain name registered for your website, which is the case in most of todays businesses, then it would be better if the business name is very close or matches exactly the name of your website.

Here is a quick list of questions you can answer to help make your apparel name-choosing process shorter:

  • Is the name easy to remember?
  • Is the name easy to read?
  • Will the name differ from other apparel companies?
  • Does the name speak to the goals and values of your apparel business?
  • Does the name avoid common words or phrases?
  • Is the name easy to say out loud?

#3) Ask your friends and family for feedback.

It is important to have feedback from the people whom you trust. You need to know how they react when hearing your naming idea for the apparel business. If they "get it," then that is great. However, if they do not respond very well to the idea, you will have to keep modifying it. It just comes down to getting a positive reaction out of them.

If they like your apparel business name, but can not remember or spell it, then that is not really good enough. The purpose of the name is for people to remember it, right? Hence, if you do receive negative feedback, then you just have to keep trying.

#4) Trademark, business name, and domain availability check

To avoid any future problems, you should probably have three great apparel business names in reserve. You need to do an availability check within your country/state and do not forget to check also trademark availability.

#5) Register your apparel domain name

Once you have chosen the best name for your apparel business, it is time to register that domain name. Having it registered will give you the power to make sure nobody else can use it.

Our business name suggestions for apparel company

At Brandlance we have a team with naming experts that work with clients individually. Our team does not use apparel business name generator to generate naming ideas as all the names get brainstormed. We believe that it is very important that the name is not generated by a robot but has a meaning behind it. All our suggested apparel brand name ideas come with a short description of why we choose this name. We also do check if the suggested business name ideas are available for registration.

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