How to get 403,196 Pageviews Per Month

Getting webpage traffic is very critical if you want to create brand visibility, get more leads and get many people talking about your products. When done well it can help you get ahead of the competition.

Readers desire that you understand their needs and offer solutions to solve those needs. A lot of companies do it wrong. They have focused so much on keyword stuffing and created content that is not helpful to their audience. The audience has been left confused.

Don’t get troubled; we got your sorted.

We were at the same place starting out. But, we discovered a strategy that helped us move our traffic from not so great to over 400k views per Month.

The good news is – you can do this too.


Learning from the past

Our biggest mistake was trying to rank our product pages for our end-of-cycle using buyer keywords.

We discovered that we were missing on a considerable portion of our audience who were seeking relevant information and we were focusing so much on keywords.

Our audience would come to our site, but they would find information that is not relevant to their needs.

This was not working.

We had to change our strategy and create content marketing for a targeted audience. They say “content is the King,” but it is just not any content but content that speaks to the audience hearts.

Content that moves readers to make an informed decision.

The strategy that we deployed is simple and can be used by any person serious about inbound marketing.


The strategy that turned things around

  1. The first step is to define the type of traffic that you want. You should seek traffic that has a higher conversion rate.
  2. Identify what your target audience wants. Ask questions like; where does my audience live in? What’s there gender? What do they like reading? Which competitor pages do they love reading?
  3. Write about topics that are currently trending and that will help the consumer make an informed decision.
  4. Research adequately and do not shy away from backing your ideas with data. Readers will find articles with charts and tables to be more credible.
  5. Lastly, many people need to see your articles, and that is where social media comes in. You will need to share the content on various social media channels.

The above strategy worked miracles for us and changed how we view web content. We were able to have now an informed audience visiting our site. This usually leads to higher conversion rates.


The results were unreal:


Well, we would want to tell you that this can happen overnight, but it does not. It takes months of research for the right articles and finding the right topics to do this.

You can decide to do this yourself.

However, finding the most relevant topics is an art that takes months to master. If you choose not to do it yourself, you can hire your own writer.

But, outsourcing for the right writer can be time consuming and expensive. Besides, they may not understand the audience as you do. That is why we have come up with a viable solution to your problems and it is called Brandlance Blogger.


Here is how it works

  1. You tell us what target market you want to reach and some info about your website.
  2. Based on the data you have given, we will study your target audience to come up with a viable strategy for your website.
  3. We will diligently get you the right topics that are customized to increase traffic to your site. The topics will speak to your target audience.
  4. We will send you a sample of the topics so that you can choose your favorites.
  5. The articles that we will write are high quality, well researched, SEO-optimized and well formatted. We will also include credible outbound links both internally and externally.
  6. We will then send you the draft, and you can send it back for edits till you are 100 percent satisfied.
  7. The SEO Optimized blog post is then published on your site.

We do not want you to make the same mistakes that we did. That is why we are asking you to check out Brandlance Blogger Now and start increasing your web traffic today. Your marketing content is an asset.

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